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07 June 2012 @ 10:16 pm
nominated Jun/Aiba fanfiction  
Hi, sometime ago we posted about the Arashi Fanfiction Awards we're doing. These are the fics nominated for best Jun/Aiba :D You can see the nominated fics for other categories as well as vote for your favourites at our journal.

· Bakumatsu by fliuor
· Because You Smile by mylittlecthulhu @ kaijoufic
· Error 404 by panpipe
· The Fallen by cherry_armrest @ you_are_wait
· Playing With Fire by thoroughlynerdy
· Pretense by waxrose
· St. John's Boarding School for Boys by alexxasick
· Suddenly I See by harinezumi_kun
· What You're Looking For by still_ciircee
· When Pink Elephants Fly by mylittlecthulhu @ kaijoufic