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aibajun's Journal

DENJAA(rous) + DoS = Dorky (in love)
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Aiba and Jun are on the same side of the Dork Spectrum...it's just not a well-known fact. Yet.

this community is dedicated to arashi's aiba masaki and matsumoto jun, and their relationship whether it be platonic, romantic, or whatever!

romantic is preferred, obviously. this pairing is so under appreciated as it is. aiba masaki and matsumoto jun pwn all else. aiba & matsujun deserve all the love in the world!! ♥

aibajun: DENJAA(rous) + DoS = Dorks (in love)
what's up with that?
collectively, aiba and jun are dorks (in love). aiba = DENJAA(rous) and jun = DoS (see individual information for further explanation). hence, DENJAA(rous) + DoS = Dorks (in love).
lame? yes. but so are aiba and jun, but we love them all the same, don't we? ;)

1 — obviously, all posts must be related to arashi's aiba masaki and/or matsumoto jun. anything and everything related to them is welcome.

2 — no separate introduction posts, please. ^^; if you want to introduce yourself, please do so along with your first post (which, hopefully, contains something other than your introduction).

3 — if you are posting more than 1 picture, please put all other pictures after the first 3 under an lj-cut. similarly, please put images bigger than the community layout behind an lj-cut, as well.

4 — plugging is okay so long as it is for something that involves aiba or jun or aiba and jun, and so long as it is within reason.

5 — please tag your entries appropriately as much as possible. if you're not sure what tag to use, leave the field open. the mods will tag them for you. (available tags)

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Mr. Do-S/DoS
august 30, 1983; tokyo, japan
basic profile

matsumoto jun is a professional artist, a superb actor, a sadist, a crybaby, a perfectionist, a neat freak, a mystery and many other things in between.

matsujun is a complex person. on the surface, he is a perfectionist professional with a bit of an obsessive-compulsive streak who gives off a harsh aura and a tendency to brush people off. however, when he lets his guard down, a caring, sensitive matsujun surfaces. it doesn't look like it, but everyone agrees that jun actually cares about arashi the most and touchy subjects like aiba's hospitalization make him cry.

about the nickname: matsujun is famous for being a sadist who finds other people's embarrassment and failures (as well as hitting other people) extremely amusing. hence, he was dubbed arashi's Do-S (super s/sadist]) banchou (leader). ♥

Mr. DENJAA(rous)
december 24, 1982; chiba, japan
basic profile

aiba masaki is a stellar idol, a spazz, a BIG kid, a crybaby, a curious mind, a gentle soul, a pervert and many other things in between.

aiba is the guy who gets along with everyone and everyone likes. somehow or another, people (and animals!) tend to gravitate to him. he's especially a big hit with old people, kids and baby animals. you know what they say about kids and animals, right? they can sense malice and ill intent in people. suffice it to say that aiba has little to none. ^____^

about the nickname: aiba is known to burst out in random, v. amusing engrish. his classic catch phrase being, "danger! very danger!" (denjaa! berii denjaa!) especially when faced with wild animals. hence, mr. denjaarous. ♥

arashi (嵐) is a j-pop group managed by johnny & associates created as image characters/supporters for volleyball and debuted in september 1999 in honolulu, hawaii.

aiba/arashi - to say that aiba loves arashi is an understatement. in a letter he wrote to arashi's members on 24h tv, he mentioned that the entire time he was sick and hospitalized, he could only worry about the rest of the members and that he felt like he caused problems for them. in the same way that aiba worries about arashi, arashi worries about him; and in the same way that aiba spazzes and fawns over arashi, arashi is pulled along (kicking and screaming, in nino and jun's case XD) to spazz along with him.

jun/arashi - it is a given that jun loves arashi the most, among its members. looking at things objectively, he doesn't need arashi to succeed and be popular, but he stays in arashi because he wants to. outside of arashi, jun takes the spotlight, but when he's with the other members, he's content to step back, let them shine and even serve them (like how he always, always serves the food on shukudai-kun). outside of arashi, jun gives off an image of a cool, very together idol, but with arashi, the inner dork almost always somehow manages to surface.

arashi @ wikipedia

what is the other's attraction?
aiba: he’s actually a lot nicer than his character on tv. (laughs) he can be very considerate of others.
jun: i think it’s his brightness. i think his charm is his brightness that can just pull people along without trying.
— duet [2007.04]

why the love?
aiba/jun 'ship manifesto © beckerbell


aiba masaki + matsumoto jun = <3
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