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11 September 2010 @ 09:49 am
Ficlet - Smiles and karaage  
Title: Smiles and karaage
Author: satsumatsu 
Beta: irawrrx33 
Pairing: Matsumoto Jun / Aiba Masaki
Rating: G
Words: 743
A/N: Written for arashic0804 's birthday. According to Aiba's statement that he only watched the first episode of NatsuNiji so far.

It was that time of the year again. Where the Arashi members would stay the hell out of Matsumoto's way. They could only watch how he got busier with each day, how the circles under his eyes grew darker and darker and how his patience became thinner and thinner.

It certainly did not help that the ratings for the 9 pm time slot were bad and that the press was tearing up the work of the crew and Jun.
And even though Jun said often enough that he did not feel pressured at all since all he can do is to give his best- and he always gives his best - they all could see how it affected him.
He took each criticism seriously which did not do any good to him since not every criticism was really constructive.

In addition, he couldn't participate in the rehearsals like he usually did. It was the work he loved the most, but due to his drama there was simply no time to rehearse or plan or discuss ideas. It was frustrating for Jun.

So the first two concerts drained him more than usual. The next week he heaved himself onto the couch in the green room, reading through the script, sighing and cursing along the lines. His concentration was lacking, he was tired, and he felt light headed.

It was the worst possible timing for Aiba to show up with a karaage box and a huge grin. No doubt he had the intention to lift Jun's mood, but Jun could barely take the nudges and the wise words.

"I am sure you work hard, Matsujun, but--"

All it took were those words and Jun snapped.

"Oh, what do you know, Aiba?" He glared. "You don't even watch my work!" 'Like so many others,' he added bitterly in his thoughts.

Aiba, who had shoved the karaage box towards Jun, stopped mid-track, stunned.

Jun bit his lips.

He had no right to say this; no right to expect Aiba to watch his drama. It was just that... Of course all the critique was getting him, but he did not give as much to it. For him, the opinion of his band mates, his closest friends, mattered. They were the ones who understood the most. Aiba was-...

Oh damn it.

He shoved the karaage box towards Aiba in a final gesture.

"Excuse me," he stood up and left the room.

Maybe it was stupid to be mad with Aiba. They were all busy, after all. But in cases like this huge encouraging smiles and karaage was not enough. God, he was so selfish.

He sat on the stairs outside the studio and lit a cigarette with slightly shaky hands.

Oh damn it.

He heard how the door opened and quietly closed again. Soon there was an arm around his shoulders and a hand snatching away his cigarette.

"I can't watch," Aiba said before taking a drag.

Irritated Jun took his cigarette back. "They're bad for your health!"

Aiba stole a side glance while an uncomfortable silence spread between them.

"I can't watch," Aiba repeated, squeezing Jun's shoulder.

"And I can't ask you to--"

"No, you don't understand, I would love to watch but I can't!"

Jun looked at him not understanding a thing.

"I can't watch your work if it does not get the feedback you deserve! It simply drives me mad..." Aiba took a deep breath. "It's unfair. I watched the first episode and thought it is really enjoyable. Then I read the critiques and... First they said Smile was too depressing and now they say this one is too light hearted. Just what do they want?"

"I don't care what they say," Jun started, leaning a little closer into Aiba.

Aiba let out a wry laugh. "Oh please, everyone can see how it affects you."

Jun flipped the cigarette on the ground and stepped on it with a little more force than necessary.

"I don't care what they say," he presses. "I care about what you say."

He could feel how Aiba suddenly froze against him for a moment. Then he relaxed and Jun felt warm lips against his temple.

"Let's watch it in a marathon once it is finished," Aiba offered, breath tickling against Jun's hairline.

"With karaage?"

"With looots of karaage."

Jun can feel Aiba's smile against his skin. And maybe, maybe a smile and karaage was indeed enough in this case.
betzi_chan: Junba *__*betzi_chan on September 11th, 2010 11:21 am (UTC)
i totally love this one!!!
it is soooo sweet how aiba tries his best to cheer jun up.
and he is sucessfull with it. *smile*
totally cute!

thank you sooo much for sharing this junba fic!
Jaja Emiko Rizajaja_emiko on September 11th, 2010 09:14 pm (UTC)
if aiba can't cheer you, no one can! XD
fancyann1974fancyann1974 on September 16th, 2010 02:56 am (UTC)
so touching and lovely
thank you for sharing <3
Kazukari: Kawaii Shokazukari on September 23rd, 2010 05:15 am (UTC)
Yes Aiba lest have lots of karaage while watching natsu nijii it'll be fun!!

love it, so sweet!
elvenknight16elvenknight16 on August 17th, 2011 12:30 am (UTC)
Aww they're so cute~
stsatsumatsu on August 17th, 2011 10:36 am (UTC)
aren't they~~~
missbb24missbb24 on December 1st, 2017 09:36 am (UTC)
this is sweet and cute :)